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Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are the result of a second fermentation in a bottle or tank where the bubbles are conserved to give a lovely effervescent effect.  We particularly enjoy naturally made sparkling wines where no sugar has been added other than what is already in the wine.  The French called this process “petillant naturel”, the Italians “metodo ancestrale”;  the resulting wines can be bone-dry or medium sweet, mineral or fruity, but they are always delicious.  These sparkling wines are usually unfiltered and unrefined, and low in sulphites.

    125ml Bottle
Cava Dominio de Tharsys Brut Nature, Requena, Spain NV   £4.35 £25.95
Petillant Naturel Rosé Bulles, Domaine Maupertuis, Loire, France 13   £6.00 £31.00
Le Petit Chemin Petillant Naturel, Benoit Courault, Loire, France 13     £32.00
Petillant Naturel Boisson Rouge, Domaine Montrieux, Loire, France 13     £33.00
Moscato d’Asti, Vitttorio Bera, Piemonte, Italy 12     £34.50
Mauzac Nature, Domaine Les Tres Cantous, Gaillac, France NV     £35.50

Champagne Wine

Two of the champagnes below are from small artisan growers.  They work with grapes entirely from their own vineyards (unlike the grande marquee houses), they farm organically and biodynamically, picking later for greater ripeness, selecting the best grapes.  They make their sparkling wines naturally without addition, and, as a result, the wines are purer, more intense with terrific expression of terroir.  These are the new true wines of the Champagne region.

Pierre Gerbais Reserve NV     £48.00
Sagesse Franck Pascal NV     £49.85
Goustan Brut Nature, Demarne-Frison NV     £59.50
Ruinart Rosé NV     £89.50

Sauvignons and Aromatic Whites

Sauvignon is the most familiar aromatic grape.  It can be herbal, grassy and floral or riper with aromas of currants and tangy citrus fruit.  It always possesses crunchy acidity and cutting vibrancy that makes it an excellent partner to shellfish, smoked fish and young goat’s cheese.  Other grapes that may be classified as aromatic range from the delicately herbal Gruner Veltliner to the opulent, spicy Gewurztraminer.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Le Lesc Blanc, Vin de Pays du Gers, Caves de St Mont, Gascony, France 13 £4.30 £8.60 £17.00
Sauvignon de Touraine, Domaine Guy Allion, Loire, France 13 £5.60 £11.20 £22.20
Gruner Veltliner, Weingut Rainer Wess, Wachau, Austria 13     £23.00
Roussette de Savoie Cru Frangy, Domaine Bruno Lupin, Savoie, France 13     £26.95
Le Petit Clos Sauvignon, Henri Bourgeios, Marlborough, New Zealand 13     £27.95
Elgin Ridge 282 Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Binner, Elgin, South Africa 12     £28.95
Gewürztraminer Cantina Isarco, Alto Adige, Italy 13     £29.95
Pouilly Fumé “Spring”, Alexandre Bain, Loire, France 12     £42.00

White wines

Fuller Whites

Sauvignon is the most familiar aromatic grape.  It can be herbal, grassy and floral or riper with aromas of currants and tangy citrus fruit.  It always possesses crunchy acidity and cutting vibrancy that makes it an excellent partner to shellfish, smoked fish and young goat’s cheese.  Other grapes that may be classified as aromatic range from the delicately herbal Gruner Veltliner to the opulent, spicy Gewurztraminer.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Good Hope Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch, South Africa 12     £19.95
Good Hope Unoaked Chardonnay, Stellenbosch, South Africa 12 £5.50 £11.00 £22.00
Gavi di Tassarolo “La Fornace”, Cinzia Bergaglio, Piemonte, Italy 12/13     £25.50
Evolution Sokol Blosser 17th Edition, Oregon, USA 13 £7.35 £14.75 £29.00
Bourgogne Aligote, Goisot, Côtes d’Auxerre, Burgundy, France 12     £28.50
Chablis, Colette Gros, Burgundy, France 12 £7.50 £15.00 £29.65
Le P’tit Chemin, Benoit Courault, Anjou, Loire, France 12     £32.50
Anjou Blanc, Agnès & René Mosse, Loire, France 12     £37.50
Chardonnay “Cuvée Florine Ganevat”, Jura, France 11     £44.50
Puligny Montrachet, Domaine Bzikot, Burgundy, France 12     £62.50

Whites From Warmer Shores

Many of the following wines bear the sunny imprint of the Mediterranean.  Grapes such as Verdicchio, Vermentino, Zibibbo (Occhipinti SP 68) combine appealingly warm and distinctive aromas of wild herbs, exotic spice and almost waxy ripe citrus fruit.  Drink them and you are transported.  Try with seafood such as squid, octopus or tuna, fish stews or summer vegetables.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Picpoul de Pinet, Château de la Mirande, Languedoc, France 13 £5.65 £11.35 £22.50
Verdicchio Classico “Gino”, Fattoria San Lorenzo, Marche, Italy 32 £6.65 £13.30 £26.50
Vinho Verde Aphros Loureiro, Portugal 13     £26.95
Soave Superiore, Tamellini, Veneto, Italy 12     £27.00
Sameiras Blanco, Ribeiro, Spain 12     £28.50
Occhipinti SP 68 Bianco, Sicily, Italy 13     £33.00
Vermentino, Domaine Culombu, Corsica 12/13     £33.50

Orange and Skin Contact

These are white wines which are made like reds, in other words, the grape skins are in contact with the juice for a long period of time, yielding amazing amber coloured wines.  And they taste so different!  Thrillingly alive and nourishing with a texture that you could almost sink your teeth into.  Best when decanted into a carafe not served too cold, the wines are always changing, giving something different in every glass.  Can be drunk with boldly flavoured dishes and soft cheeses.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Bianco Degli Ulivi, Stefano Bellotti, Piemonte, Italy 10     £28.00
Rkatsiteli, Pheasant’s Tears, Georgia 11     £28.95
Malvasia Bianca Ageno, La Stoppa, Emilia, Italy 09     £47.40
El Bandito “Cortez”, Testalonga, Swartland, South Africa 11     £49.95


As certain wines age they come into contact with air.  The greater the contact the greater the oxidation which shows itself in a kind of nuttiness that we see in all the great sherries.  Manzanilla (a salty dry fino sherry from the town of Sanlucar in Spain) is partially protected from oxygen by a veil of yeast as it ferments and ages.  As a result it is lively and refreshing with a hint of almond.  The Savagnin from Arbois in Jura has notes of apple, fenugreek and ginger and the traditional oxidative aroma of walnuts.  The sherries are terrific with fried food and shellfish, the Savagnin with hard cheeses such as Comte.

    100ml Bottle
Arbois Savagnin, Daniel Dugois, Arbois, Jura, France 09     £45.00

half bottle

Manzanilla Las Medallas de Argueso, Sanlúcar, Spain NV
  £3.95 £15.25

half bottle

Fino Colosia Del Puerto, Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain NV
  £4.50 £16.75


Juicy Light Refreshing

Simple fruit, great pleasure.  Light to medium bodied reds with gentle (or no) tannins, meaning that they can be drunk by themselves but are also versatile food wines.  The Gamay grape, in particular, oozes ripe red fruits, whilst the wines from South West France Possess a savoury, almost medicinal edge and are great with sausages, lamb and casseroles.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Tempranillo Albizu, Viña Albergada, Rioja, Spain 12 £4.00 £8.00 £16.00
Carménère “El Grano”, Denis Duveau, Rapel Valley, Chile 13     £24.50
Château Plaisance “Grain de Folie”, Villaudric, France 12/13     £24.75
“Lo Sang Del Pais”, Domaine du Cros, Marcillac, France 12     £25.50
Bourgueil “Diptyque”, Domaine de la Chevalerie, Loire, France 12     £25.80
Gamay Raisins Gaulois, Loire, France 13     £27.95
Beaujolais Château Cambon, M & M Lapierre, France 12 £7.25 £14.50 £29.00

Fleshier Reds With More Structure

Weightier reds.  Some are rustic (Montepulciano and Barbera, for example) with dark fruits and spicy flavours, others more elegant with finer tannins (Saumur-Champigny, Sarget, Maine Martin) and then you have the inky-rich black-fruited Cahors made from the Malbec grape that goes so well with roast meats.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Frentano”, Italy 12 £4.85 £9.75 £19.50
Cabernet Sauvignon, Bodega Cecchin, Mendoza, Argentina 09 £5.95 £12.00 £23.00
Château Maine Martin Bordeaux Superieur, France 08/09     £26.00
Saumur-Champigny, Domaine des Roches Neuves, Thierry Germain, France 13     £29.25
Barbera d’Asti Superiore, Terra del Noce, Trinchero, Piemonte, Italy 08     £29.50
Cahors, Château du Cedre, France 10/11     £33.00
Sarget de Gruaud-Larose, Saint Julien, Bordeaux, France 08     £62.25
Evolution Sokol Blosser 3rd Edition, Oregon, USA     £33.20

Warmer Shores

From the milder Atlantic to the heat of the Med, a journey through Spain, France and Italy.  Rioja two ways – one all youthful and fruit-laden, the other more traditional and tawny.  The herbal-spicy Rhones with a garrigue-scented Ardeche Syrah and a warm peppery Cotes du Rhone.  And sanguine Sangiovese from Tuscany, full-flavoured, meaty and moreish, the perfect partner to beef.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Les Clarières Merlot, Vin de Pays d’Oc, France 12 £4.40 £8.80 £17.50
Montesc Rioja, Bodega Classica, Rioja, Spain 11 £5.60 £11.20 £22.00
Syrah, Domaine des Vigneaux, Rhône, France 13     £25.50
Morellino di Scansano Bellamarsilia, Argentiera, Tuscany, Italy 12     £25.75
Côtes Du Rhône “Romanins”, Ferme Saint-Martin, France 12     £26.00
Peza do Rei Tinto, Adega Cachin, Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain 12     £27.50
Chianti Classico Riserva “Viacosta”, Fattoria di Rodano, Tuscany, Italy 07     £29.50
Rioja Urbina Reserva Especial, Spain 98     £38.00

Pinot Noir of the World

A noble grape, one that captures the place of its origin and the nature of the vintage in a special way.  It can be oh-so-pale and pretty with delicate floral notes of violets, roses and cherry-blossom and red fruits, skating across the tongue.  It can be more hedonistic with deep alluring velvety fruits and wild earthy aromas.  Pinot is wonderful with any bird as well as game and soft cheeses.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Pinot Noir Casa Azul, Central Valley, Chile 12 £5.15 £10.30  
Pinot Noir Good Hope, Stellenbosch, South Africa 11 £8.00 £16.00  
Pinot Noir Framingham Estate, Marlborough, New Zealand 12      
Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits “Le Prieure”, France 12      
Pinot Noir “Cuvée Beatrice”, Domaine Binner, Alsace, France 12      
Südtirol Blauburgunder, Gottardi, Alto Adige, Italy 11      
Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru “Les Fourneaux”, Burgundy, France 11      
Pinot Noir “Cuvée Julien Ganevat”, Jura, France 12      


No longer regarded as purely frivolous wines, these roses combine drinkability with structure.  They are all dry, the better with food, a paler shade of pink with delicate red fruit flavours.

  175ml 375ml Bottle
Reserve de Gassac Rose, France 13 £5.00 £9.95 £19.60
Vacceos Tempranillo, Spain 13 £4.30 £8.55 £16.80
Château d’Ollières, Coteaux Varois, Provence, France 13     £28.50
Sancerre Rosé “Les Baronnes”, Domaine Henri Bourgeois, Loire, France 12     £34.00

Sweet Wines

These late harvest wines can be drunk by themselves or with food.  The Monbazillac, made from the Semillon grape, is Sauternes-like - think apricots and peaches.  The Muscat and Banyuls are both fortified wines from the Roussillon, right on the Mediterranean.  The former is grapey and delicious, the latter is a lighter port style (served chilled), a red wine with mocha and raisin fruit flavours and a bitter-savoury finish.  Good with chocolate, ice cream and blue cheese.

  175ml 375ml Bottle

Half bottle

Monbazillac, Jour de Fruit, Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure, France 11

50cl bottle

Muscat de Rivesaltes, Château de Jau, Languedoc, France 11

50cl bottle

Banyuls Rimage, Les Clos de Paulilles, Château de Jau, Languedoc , France 11